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OXEBU - international invoice collection made easy

Is your international invoice collection causing you headaches?

Unpaid invoice in the US

Let Oxebu help you to collect your unpaid invoices in the US
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Invoice collection in the US

Are you looking for a reliable partner for invoice collection in the US? Oxebu collects unpaid invoices from companies 

(B2B) abroad. By initiating collections in the debtors home country we can be much more successful in the action. We know how to use the legal system in the US and we get results. This way, you will get your unpaid invoice paid!

Invoice requirements in the USA

Avoid late payments to pile up, by our support for prompting your customers in the US to pay their invoices. Our goal: immediate payment resulting in us closing your issue without need for legal action. How we do this? We make sure the invoices are justified and do not contain any formal errors. Advantage: Payments are made faster and any disputes are recognized early. Oxebu deals professionally and responsibly with your debtors in the US.

Our professionals are eager to help you with your unpaid invoice in the US. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Collecting an unpaid invoice in the US with Oxebu

Of course, when facing an unpaid invoice abroad, the revenues of debt collection need to be higher than the costs of it. Hiring an American lawyer can be very expensive, especially smaller invoices. That's where Oxebu can help. Our services are viable for debts from €500. We always provide honest advice about the chances of success of your case. You pay a fixed price per invoice, so you do not have to budget for unforeseen expenses. Are you struggling with more unpaid invoices in other countries than the US, such as Belgium, France or Italy? No problem, we also have knowledge regarding invoice requirements in other countries than the US. You can claim your invoice by using the button below.


Are you ready to collect your debt?

Do you want to collect your unpaid invoice from the US? You can claim your invoice in 5 easy steps using the button below. Fill your data and the debtor data, upload your invoice, complete the payment and confirm the process. If you would like to get more information about our services, please contact us by using our contact form. You can also send us an email at We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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