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OXEBU - international invoice collection made easy

Is your international invoice collection causing you headaches?

Unpaid invoice in Spain

Oxebu can help you to collect unpaid invoices in Spain
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Unpaid invoice in Spain

Difficulties with an unpaid invoice in the Spain? We collect unpaid invoices from companies (B2B) abroad. By initiating collections in the debtors home country we can be much more successful in the action. We know how to use the local legal system and we get results. In addition to that, we are aware of the latest developments in all regulations. We not only offer our debt collection services in Spain, but also in other countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and more.

Invoice requirements in Spain

In Spain, debt collecting can be very slow and, all too often, unproductive. Oxebu maximises your chances of success by taking some basic precautions and planning ahead. Payment terms in Spain are regulated by Law 3/2004. This creates measures to combat late payments in commercial transactions. Attempts by Oxebu at debt collection – before going to court – are usually worthwhile provided you don’t take too long before contacting us.

Our professionals are eager to help you with your unpaid invoice in Spain.

Did you know an invoice in Spain needs to include the word invoice, which is “factura”? We make sure all required elements are taken into account when sending the invoice to your customer in Spain.

Collecting an unpaid invoice in Spain with Oxebu

We understand that the revenues of collecting unpaid invoices in Spain need to outweigh costs. Hiring a Spanish lawyer can be very expensive, especially for lower amounts of debt. Our services are viable for debts from €500. When you decide to use your services, we always start by providing honest advice about the chances of success of your unpaid invoice case. You pay a fixed price per invoice, so there will be no unforeseen expenses. Another advantage of our service: the relationship with your business partner or customer in Spain remains strong, since there is no lawyer involved. At all times, we will approach your business partner in a professional and polite way.


Start your debt collection today

Do you want to use our services to collect your unpaid invoice from Spain? We are ready to help you! You can easily claim your Spanish invoice by using the button below. If you would like to get more information about our services, please contact us by using our contact form. You can also send us an email at We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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