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Is your international invoice collection causing you headaches?


Difficulties with debtors in Italy | Oxebu can help you
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Unpaid invoice in Italy

Difficulties with an unpaid invoice in the Italy? Italian companies are one of the worst payers in Europe. It is really common in this country to not pay an invoice until after the deadline. We collect unpaid invoices from companies (B2B) abroad. We offer our services in different countries, such as Italy,  Germany and the United States. By initiating collections in the debtors home country we can be much more successful in the action. We know how to use the local legal system and we get results.

Invoice requirements in Italy

In Italy, as in Spain, debt collection can be a long lasting business.  Primary, the first step is to know if debtor is willing to pay and acknowledges the debt (in full). By sending the debtor a letter of exhortation, we suspend possible credit regulations and determine the effective beginning of default interest.

Either the debtor pays, or he makes clear that he will pay (a contract will confirm that). If he refuses to pay normal court proceedings open, which will conclude with a sentence that either confirms or rejects the decree. The creditor can begin executive proceedings (an injunction, the forced repossession of goods and the forced sale of goods), and so enforcing the decreed injunction. In most cases the creditor can start executive proceedings after forty days. (needed to notify the debtor that he has an injunction). Overall, there are many Italian regulations which you have to take into account when collecting unpaid invoices in Italy.

Our professionals are eager to help you dealing with an unpaid invoice in Italy.

Collecting an unpaid invoice in Italy with Oxebu

We understand that the collecting unpaid invoices needs to be profitable, taking into account the costs of the debt collection process. Hiring an Italian lawyer can be very expensive, especially for those lower amounts of debt. Our services are viable for debts starting at €500. At Oxebu, we provide honest advice about the chances of success of your unpaid invoice case in Italy. You always pay a fixed price per invoice, so you do not have to budget for unforeseen expenses. Before starting a collaboration with Oxebu, you will have complete transparency in all costs. Another advantage of our service: the relationship with your business partner or client remains strong, because there is no lawyer involved in the debt collection case.


Start today

Do you want to start to collect a debt in Italy? Or do you have multiple invoices in Italy that still have not been paid by your clients? You can easily claim your invoice by using the button below. We offer a discount when you upload more than three invoices. The invoices can also be of debtors in different countries than Italy, such as France, Belgium or the Netherlands. If you would like to get more information about our services, please contact us by using our contact form. You can also send us an email at We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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