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Is your international invoice collection causing you headaches?

Unpaid invoice in France

Collecting an unpaid invoice in France with Oxebu
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Unpaid invoice in France

Difficulties with an unpaid invoice in the France? We collect unpaid invoices from companies (B2B) abroad. By initiating collections in the debtors home country we can be much more successful in the action. We know how to use the local legal system and we get results.

French invoice requirements

For any business or individual, debt collection in France can be a tedious necessity. More than half of French companies do not pay their invoices in time. Debt collection is mostly regulated by the provisions of article L441-6 of the France Commercial Code. The legal process in France is often slow. Cases can take up to two years to go through the courts: It can even take more than two years if the party appeals, as the majority do. Taking effective action by the amicable debt collection process by Oxebu is essential and cost efficient.

Our professionals are eager to help you with your unpaid invoice and debt collection in France.

Collecting an unpaid invoice with Oxebu

We understand that the revenues of debt collection in France need to outweigh costs. Hiring a French lawyer can turn out pretty expensive, especially for those lower amounts of debt. Our services are viable for debts from €500. At Oxebu, we always provide honest advice about the chances of success of your unpaid invoice case. You pay a fixed price per invoice, so no additional costs are made. We focus on collecting your unpaid invoice in France, so you can focus on your own company and services.


Start your debt collection in France

Are you struggling with unpaid invoices in France? Please let us help you with your French debt collection! You can easily claim your invoice by using the button below. If you would like to get more information about our services, please contact us by using our contact form. You can also send us an email at We will respond to you as quickly as possible nd we are happy to help you.

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