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Do you want to lend money to family, friends or acquaintances or have you lent money but would like it back?


Let OXEBU help you lend and/or recover your own money. The cost of our services is paid by the debtor and not by you.


We help you to arrange things properly so that both parties know where they stand, which prevents disappointments and gives you more certainty of repayment.

We can already be of service to you

as of 99 euro

Lending money to family, friends or acquaintances....

How do you keep it businesslike?

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Are you planning to lend money to family, friends or acquaintances?

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Lending money to family, is that a good idea? In practice, it is increasingly necessary because, for example, it is not possible for starters on the housing market to buy a house without borrowed money. Money is also often borrowed to take over or start a business.


Would you like to help a good friend, acquaintance or family member with a loan? Of course it is nice that you can help a family member out with financial support, but make sure you make proper arrangements. OXEBU helps.


Have you lent money to family, friends or acquaintances 
and would like it back? 

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It happens regularly that money is lent out, but not repaid (as agreed). This can create an unpleasant situation, especially if you have a personal relationship with the debtor (friend or family). OXEBU helps.

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