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Determine risk factor


We estimate the chances of your loan being repaid on time. This way you know in advance what risks you run and how big the chance is that your loan will be repaid on time.


In order to make an accurate assessment we will ask you a few questions by means of a short online questionnaire. The results will be analyzed and summarized in a concise

report. Based on this advice, you can then determine whether it is worth lending your money out and how easy it is to claim your money back.

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Guidance and advice


We advise you in making realistic and reliable agreements so that it is clear to both parties what and when repayments are due.

We will also help you make agreements on any interest rates and/or penalty clauses. In addition, we can advise you on choosing an affordable and suitable solution.

lawyer, should it be the case that despite all efforts efforts, agreements are not kept.

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Tailor-made contract


Of course, we put the agreements and conditions made in writing in a legally valid agreement so that everyone knows where they stand and you know more

have assurance of repayment. In the worst case scenario, the agreement can be used to enforce a refund in court. Possible

interest rates or penalty clauses 

shall be included herein.

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Changing arrangements


Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may sometimes be necessary to revise agreements made. Both creditor and debtor must agree to this.

We will help you to re-establish amended agreements and provide a legally valid document that complements the old contract.

An additional benefit is that amended or new contracts restart the statute of limitations, which brings a greater chance of repayment.

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