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Are you planning to lend money to family, friends
or acquaintances?

If you want to lend money to family, friends or acquaintances, don't take any chances. It is wise to make good, realistic arrangements if you want to be sure that your money will be paid back.  If desired, the debtor will pay the costs of Oxebu. If he refuses to do so, you already know enough.


OXEBU has a lot of experience with these kinds of agreements and can expertly guide you through this process. 

An expert advisor from OXEBU takes care of the contact between you and your friend or family member to whom you want to lend money. This way you keep an (emotional) loan businesslike. You create clarity and avoid unnecessary stress in case of non-performance or late performance.

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Probability estimation


We estimate the chances of your loan being repaid on time.

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Advice and guidance


We advise you in making realistic and reliable arrangements 

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A tailor-made contract


Of course, we put the specific agreements in writing in a contract 

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Modify Agreement


We help you to make good arrangements again when the agreement changes.

Do you recognize this?

Jean needs 5000 euros for renovation of his house and borrows this amount from you. He expects to pay it back within 3 months, among other reasons because he gets a bonus at the end of the year.


In February the amount is not on your account despite the fact that you had agreed that it would be paid on 10 January. Jean did go on a winter holiday with his family for 4000 Euros. Weeks later, he has paid back only 500 Euros of the 5000 Euros, but he does promise that he will repay 2000 Euros on 1 April...

Risk Factor Assessment (RFA)

There is always a risk in lending money even if you lend it to family, friends or acquaintances. Our advice is: don't take any chances.


It is wise to make good, realistic agreements, as well as a risk analysis. In this way you get more insight in advance into the agreements you need to make and the chance that the lent money will actually be 

is actually repaid.


Based on our experience, as well as anonymized historical data, we have developed a quick scan, the Risk Factor Assessment (RFA) that consists of 10 questions. By answering these 10 questions, you will not only gain a better understanding of the risks you may be facing with lending money to family, friends or acquaintances, but also more information on what agreements you should make.

Yes, I would like to use the Risk Factor Assessment (RFA) to determine what risks I face when lending money to family, friends or acquaintances


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For the Risk Factor Assessment we ask a one-time fee of 25 Euros. After payment of 25 Euros you will receive a payment confirmation via email. In the same email you will find a link to the Risk Factor Assessment questionnaire.


Thank you for your order!

Completing the questionnaire takes a few minutes. The data from the questionnaire is processed, analyzed

and interpreted by our experts.


After one day (24 hours) you will receive the result of the Risk Factor Assessment with a personal Risk Factor Score (RFS) that is accompanied by a professional personal advice. It goes without saying that your data will be treated with strict confidentiality. 


The fee we ask for this is a one-time fee of 25 euros. If you decide to continue the lending process guided by our experts, this amount will be deducted from the consultancy fees for the further process. 

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