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Lent money to family, friends or acquaintances

... and didn't get it back?

About half of the people who lend money privately don't see their money back...

Research shows that more than fifty percent of people lend money to friends, family or acquaintances at some point.

About half of the people in the study indicated that it ended badly for the friendship relationship and they never saw their money back. So it is quite common for your friendships to break down because of a money issue. Perhaps it reassures you that you are not the only one who has found themselves in such a situation.

Do you find it difficult to ask for the borrowed money back?

You really want your money back but you're afraid that your friend or family member will think you're a nag, get angry, or even worse, that your friendship is over if you bring it up. This is an uncomfortable situation that you want to get rid of as soon as possible.


OXEBU can help you at least get your money back and possibly stay on good terms with your relative or friend.


Last but not least, the cost of our services is paid by the debtor and not by you.

OXEBU can help you at least get your money back and increase the chances of maintaining a good relationship with your family member or friend.


We work as follows:


We take over communication with the debtor from you. If you have lent money and you do not have a written agreement with the debtor we will still create a contract of loan. We speak to your debtor about his responsibility. Strange eyes compel. In addition, we prepare your claim and we give legal advice. At each step in the process, of course, you have a choice.

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Probability estimation


We estimate the chances of your loan being repaid on time.

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Advice and guidance


We advise you in making realistic and reliable arrangements 

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A tailor-made contract


Of course, we put the specific agreements in writing in a contract 

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Modify Agreement


We help you to make good arrangements again when the agreement changes.

Let Oxebu help you recover your own money

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