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Oxebu is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with many years of successful, cross border business experience. Invoice collection support with Oxebu is not nearly as complicated, time consuming or expensive as is often thought.

At Oxebu we understand very well (and learned it the hard way) that it can be cumbersome to get your invoice paid from an international client in a country you’re not really familiar with. Maybe the debtor feels safe behind national borders or is simply lax with payment.


And typically it is all about an invoice too big to “just forget about it” and too small to go to a local law firm (presuming you knew one). So typically you write off the claim in the expectation that the collection costs will not outweigh the benefits. But to what extent is this belief still correct? We work with our local staff, to improve your success rate in getting that invoice paid. All this in one friendly straight forward transparent process for a low fixed fee. And we disclose how your very next invoice will be settled easier and faster.


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