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Oxebu can help you

Got a customer that won't pay?

We collect unpaid invoices from companies (B2B) abroad. By initiating collections in the debtors home country we can be much more successful in the action. We know how to use the local legal system and we get results.


Our invoice services are currently available in the U.S. and Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France) (debtor's country).

OXEBU is very attractive for claiming small invoices


Is your international invoice collection causing you headaches?

Unable to collect your international invoices?

Overdue payments have an impact on your business and your customers. It can be time consuming for you to collect your outstanding invoices.

By outsourcing the collection process to our professionals, you maintain the business relationship with your customer and you can continue your business activities smoothly.​

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Online platform

Use our online collection platform for international collections. Upload your unpaid invoices and receive your money as soon as the claim has been collected.

Your claim is in good hands

As a professional international agency specializing in B2B invoice collection services, we know better than anyone how important it is to you to maintain a good relationship with customers.  

We help you prepare for legal action

In the case that we cannot collect the debt we will return to you a properly documented, legally correct file for your future use. We prepare your file and save you excessive legal costs.

International expertise

We have in depth knowledge of local legislation, customs and culture of the debtors country. We ensure that the right person handles your case.

OXEBU - international invoice collection made easy

Our services are currently available 

in 7 countries

Select the country of your customer below:

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Why Oxebu ?

Save yourself the hassle, time and money to collect your invoice, use Oxebu

  • increase the possibility (by 60%!) to collect your invoices at an extremely low rate

  • prepare your unpaid invoice for litigation in the debtors country

  • increase your profit margin and your business continuity

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How does it work?

Are you unable to collect your international invoice yourself? Does your debtor not respond? Did you consider taking legal action, but hiring a debt lawyer is too expensive for the size of the debt?

Let Oxebu help you. This is how it works:

1. Upload your invoice(s), order confirmation(s) and reminders

Upload your data and your invoices, and when available your order confirmation(s), reminder(s) and any document relating to the unpaid invoice. Oxebu will store your documents in a safe and secure place according to our confidentiality obligation as stipulated in our General Terms & Conditions.

2. Our experts check your files

Oxebu's legal experts check your documents. The accuracy of your invoice details, based on the applicable national dictate. Collection success is dependent on completeness, statute of limitations, correct address and account number and various other local legal requirements.

3. Actions taken

Oxebu will send an official legal notice to your debtor. After 7 days we will send a reminder. Both of which you will receive a copy. If your customer has paid we will notify you and transfer the collected amount to your account. If your debtor does not react we will prepare your file(s) for litigation. 

4. Result

In the end either (a) your invoice is paid (yes!) or (b) you receive a comprehensive report of all the actions we have taken, to jumpstart legal action. Oxebu will also include an advice on the next steps to be taken, together with a recommendation whether it is feasible to go to court. We can also assist in initiating the next legal steps if that is deemed necessary.

We always give you honest, professional advice about the chances of success of your debt collection case. We find it important to put your interests first. That is why we always look for the best possible option for you. It is not for nothing that our core values are integrity and fairness.

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For our services we charge a total fee of

  € 99 per invoice

- no extra or hidden costs -



Oxebu got me paid!

I sold car-parts to a company based in Spain in Europe. I didn’t know this company in Spain, but according to my sources, it was a reputable Cy. Unfortunately, invoices were only partially paid. They responded friendly upon reminders and various phone calls, but the invoices weren’t paid.

Non-payment of these invoices wouldn’t get me bankrupt, but I still wanted to be paid.

Lawyering up costs me too much! (According to my calculations 70% of the invoices and I still don't know if I will ever get paid). I say don't throw good money at bad money.

Oxebu turned out to be the cheapest and smartest solution. For € 99 my invoice of $ 1,675 was paid within 2 weeks.


Sam, Lexington, Kentucky.

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Choose the perfect pricing plan for your business.  If you have unpaid invoices on a regular basis, please contact us to find out more about our attractive 'invoice subscription services'.

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1-3 invoices, < € 3,500


Suitable for 1-3 invoices (less than € 3,500 per invoice). Has a great return at a low cost for a good quality collection process for our entry-level operations. Moreover, perfect to test our services. 


€ 99 

per invoice 

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Price Brown.png


€ 85

per invoice

> 3 invoices, < € 3,500

Only € 85 per invoice

When you have 4 or more invoices at one time (less than € 3,500 per invoice) this could be your choice. 

Price grey.png

Invoices  > € 3,500

Only € 65 per invoice and 8% of the invoice amount. 

When your invoice has a value of € 3,500 or higher, with this service you get a performance-tuned solution for your 

business needs.

€ 65

per invoice + 8% 


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Subscription service

Invoice subscription service  

In case you have unpaid invoices each month and you would like us to take care of them, subscribe to our invoice services.


Contact us - and we will go over the details together.



We work in these countries through a series of local service desks

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